Get Up and Get Down – The Dramatics

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Pick up exclusive collectible items, plus music from your favorite Stax artists and legends. “Get Up and Get Down” by The Dramatics off the album ‘The Complete Stax / Volt Soul Singles, Vol. 2: 1968-1971’


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  1. And that's EXACTLY what we used to do back in the 70's 76 to be exact. What a wonderful , and free , sexual time. Not like today, you had to have game, rap back then if you want to to see them panties drop.
    PEACE 😎.

  2. Now these inconsiderate sponsors are peddling 2 ads. Its REALLY aggravating as much as we pay for service. They can advertise on their own time and elsewhere.
    How rude !!! 😡😡😡😡

  3. This song. Sounds exactly like James Brown's "The Boss". When I came across this song, I thought this was the inspiration for Nas' Get Down. The Nas song has the same intro, but but not exactly the same. Like it was inspired by this song. But then, the rest of the song is an exact sample of James Brown's song. Also ironic is that this song is called Get up and Get Down, and the first lyrics in James Brown's song is, "Get Down!". What does it all mean? I suppose the Dramatics song is a copy of the James Brown song, and the Nas song took inspiration from the Dramatics song, but actually sampled the James Brown song. All 3 songs are fire.

  4. Remenecing about Autumn 72 when I first heard this composition.
    I was riding my tangerine and silver dirt bike down the streets in Miami's coconut grove.
    N.E. grove, yeah I am black and lived in the wealthy part of the grove..

  5. Dead Presidents….fuckin' awesome badass movie!! The R&B music makes this movie as well as Kirby's Lincoln Continental. When I hear this song and Walk on By, I think of this movie.

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