Professor Longhair – Tipitina (1979) Written in 1953

Professor Longhair – Tipitina (Music Video)

Tipitina” is a song written and made famous by Professor Longhair. The song has been widely covered, and the Professor Longhair version was recorded in 1953 for Atlantic Records. “Tipitina” was first released in 1953 and re-released on the album New Orleans Piano in 1972. Although the nature of his contributions are unknown, recording engineer Cosimo Matassa is listed as the song’s co-writer along with Roy Byrd, Professor Longhair’s legal name.

The song, which is considered a New Orleans music standard, was added to the US National Recording Registry in 2011 because of its cultural significance. The subject of “Tipitina” is unknown. The New Orleans music venue, Tipitina’s, was named for the song, and Tipitina’s Foundation bears the Tipitina name.



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  1. I am from the lower 9th ward .in the fifties and sixties our community was bustling with talent .Not just The Fat man ,Domino but many many more .Not just music ,but sports,boxing,track,football ,base ball .The white power interest hated our community and flooded us out .We are just now attempting to return ,rebuild our beloved 9th ward .Message to the world community help us rebuild again.

  2. Is it just me or does the MASTER have the longest middle finger ive ever seen? Gotta be a trick of the camera….NO ONE has fingers that long…of course….he was a fucking "genius" on the piano….maybe he was from another world

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