Raekwon – Rainy Dayz (original)

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Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. I’m all about the music. Follow me on IG. @wordizbonproductions or Facebook @ www.facebook.com/wordizbonproductions
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  1. Lisnin 2 ma distant relatives in June 2019 we know wat hiphop is in uk u know wat it iz birmingham Aston gaza around da corner from da west bank

  2. I just love you guys that's all I can say 25 plus years and I can always relate on different levels as we all age period . 😍😭😭🥰

  3. Wu Fucking Tang! One of, if not the best rap group of all time. 36 chambers (9 members, 4 chambers are in the heart = 9×4 = 36). Supreme mathematics for your ass.

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