Rather Unique – AZ

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Rather Unique
Doe Or Die
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Comment (49)

  1. I was born in '95 so I didn't really grow up on this kinda Hip Hop. I had to sift through the BS. This shit right here though..salute AZ word is bond this is Godly

  2. Ive ALWAYS called him "Your favorite rapper's FAVORITE RAPPER". When people have those TOP5 convos, I STAY campaigning for A!! SALUTE THIS MAN B!!

  3. This is one of the greatest Albums of all time. I can literally imagine new york sunset on a hot Summer day in the 90s listen to this shit. And not even been there before. The vibe of this song unbelievable

  4. What makes me sad is we never got a track that has Pun and Az on it just going ape shit.
    When the beats are dope I don't know anybody I want to listen to more than AZ. His rhyme schemes are so slick and the content never suffers for the sake of the flow or the scheme.

  5. AZs second verse got hip hop quotable of the month in the Source back in the day. Just reading the lyrics got me hype. When I finally heard the track, I must've bumped it 100 times a day. Timeless hip hop. This was back when NY had style, pride, and a love for lyricism. The Southern influence destroyed the city forever, but at least we'll always have relics from that era to remind us of how powerful NYC used to be in it's prime.

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