WC & The Maad Circle (WC, Coolio, Sir Jinx & DJ Crazy Toones) – Ain’t A Damn Thang Changed

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From 1991 Album: “Ain’t A Damn Thang Changed”…[Artist info below]…..

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MAAD stands for Minority Alliance of Anti-Discrimination.

Following the dissolution of Low Profile, a late-’80s West Coast MC/DJ partnership between WC and DJ Aladdin, the rapper formed WC and the Maad Circle and released a pair of albums, Ain’t a Damn Thang Changed (1991) and Curb Servin’ (1995). The albums spawned a few popular singles, notably “Dress Code” (1991), “West Up!” (1995), and “One” (1996). In addition to the former Ice-T affiliate WC, the talented group also included DJ Crazy Toones, longtime Ice Cube producer Sir Jinx, and future chart-topping pop-rapper Coolio. Because the latter two were so occupied with their own respective solo careers, the Maad Circle dissolved, and WC decided to form a new, better group, Westside Connection, which also featured Ice Cube and Mack 10. That supergroup didn’t last long either for similar reasons, though, and WC embarked on a promising solo career with the powerhouse Def Jam Records.

WC Bio:
As rap has become ubiquitous, its artists have moved slowly but steadily away from the street-centered mentality that made the music so potent in the 1980s and early 1990s. Realizing that rap has lost its edge and intensity, Los Angeles rap icon and Westside Connection member WC returns rap to its creative roots — exemplary lyricism, conceptual greatness, bone-crushing production — on his masterful new album, Guilty By Affiliation.

Examining the reality of ghetto life in America has long been a staple of WCs work, a trend that continues with his new collection. Growing up in a gang-related area, I realized that you can get caught up in the justice system, and I saw how it easily becomes the injustice system for us, WC explains. I wanted to call the record Guilty By Affiliation for that reason. Also, being from the West Coast, theres been so many uphill battles just to get noticed.

WC details the pitfalls of life in Los Angeles ghettos and his struggle to ascend to music industry stardom on the intimidating West Coast Voodoo, the confrontational This Is Los Angeles and the Butch Cassidy-assisted Dodge Ball. Elsewhere, the title track details how being black isnt a job, but an adventure — with police, rival gang members, drugs and other forces waiting to derail you.

WC then references the famous fairy tale on Jack & The Bean Stalk, which signals the awakening of a sleeping giant — WC, in this case. On this monstrous cut, WC flexes his visually arresting lyrical skills: Im harder than Michael Jacksons dick in a day careI beat a rappin bitch up, too, cos I dont play fair. The piano-propelled Paranoid further showcases WCs twisted humor: Im nothin nice, like Fantasia without no makeup on, on the mic Im a ugly ass sight.

By documenting his own struggles with society and the still harrowing aftermath of Americas institutionalized racism, WC has created music that is important and thought provoking as it is entertaining. Im dealing with being black, just having a jacket thrown on me for being black, he says. Once that jacket is on you, theres so much that comes with it, from just stepping outside to what people expect you to do if youve had some success. Its like an ongoing rollercoaster. It takes a strong individual to not crack or break down.

Since appearing on the Ice-T-backed Rhyme Syndicate compilation in the late 1980s, WC has remained rock-solid and has established himself as one of raps most important voices. He was the visionary behind Low Profile and the political WC And The MAAD Circle. With supergroup Westside Connection (Ice Cube, Mack 10, WC), WC flexed his gangster rap heritage to the hilt.

One constant throughout his distinguished career has been his uncanny ability to draw attention to his high-octane rhymes through his varied inflection, his wide-ranging delivery patterns and his constantly shifting rhyme speed. Long-time partner-in-rhyme and childhood neighbor Ice Cube has also been a constant in WCs career and is releasing Guilty By Affiliation on his Lench Mob Records. Cubes not just a feature, WC says. Hes a part of the record now.

And its a record that will send shockwaves throughout a rap community that has become too comfortable with its own success. Theres still problems in the ghetto that exist, WC says. Theyre not over with. Until theyre dealt with accordingly, theres going to be a lot of chaos out here. And Im a product of that. Guilty as charged.
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  1. Funny thing about it though, they didn't think west coast could flow like that back then. I'm from the south, ATL. and back then this was in heavy rotation with me

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