Electro Rock – UK Hip Hop Doc (1985)

Electro Rock – London/UK Hip Hop Documentary (1985)
Historical UK Hip Hop event held at the London Hippodrome. Presented by Mike Allen with special guest appearances by Afrika Bambaataa & Family, Family Quest, Rock City, Wolverhampton B.Boys (incl. Goldie), Mastermind Roadshow, Richie Rich, Broken Glass, Dizzy Heights, London All Stars, Look Twice, Junior Gee & Loose Bruce – plus many others!


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  1. London should be embarrassed that this was their HIP HOP scene in 85 everybody was trash from the breakers, to the DJ's and especially their rappers and fuck is up with the dumb as white kid in the beginning trying to break dance?

  2. Even back then white couldn't break dance and I just learned people in the UK don't have no rhythm at all period this is a trash Doc. The UK has trash hip hop

  3. Junior Gee went on to be a member of Hoodlum Priest after this performance- quite a good debut track too called Terminator Rap. from what i heard it didn't work out well for him and he later became a priest

  4. The Beastie Boys were not the VERY first white rappers bc this had a shitload of white rappers and there first album Liscened to I'll didn't come out until 1986

  5. it is incredible what can be erased from memory,
    it is possible UK Funky House might share the same fate (death) [erasure] {forgetting}

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