Fences (2016) – I Ain’t Got to Like You Scene (2/10) | Movieclips

Fences (2016) – I Ain’t Got to Like You Scene (2/10) | Movieclips

Fences – I Ain’t Got to Like You: Cory (Jovan Adepo) asks his father (Denzel Washington) a simple question and gets an honest answer.
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Troy Maxson (Denzel Washington) makes his living as a sanitation worker in 1950s Pittsburgh. Maxson once dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player, but was deemed too old when the major leagues began admitting black athletes. Bitter over his missed opportunity, Troy creates further tension in his family when he squashes his son’s (Jovan Adepo) chance to meet a college football recruiter.

TM & © Paramount (2016)
Cast: Denzel Washington, Jovan Adepo
Screenwriter: August Wilson
Director: Denzel Washington

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Comment (40)

  1. do what’s right, not just “nice.” That’s what he was trying to say. times have changed. duty and responsibility are dead. It’s literally all about the ‘likes’.

    That said, the kid did just want a little affection from his dad. In that sense, it was hard to see the dad miss that hint so hard and then rant about something not related to affection.

  2. great acting, horrible parenting. You can ruin a kid by not telling them you love them, and by making them feel guilty for you supplying for them.

  3. He did all this because he loved his son. Reality is most dads were like this back then. They had back bone took care of their family. Don’t mean they were perfect it’s just what you did.

  4. This scene means a lot to me. My dad never liked me, I remind him too much of my mother’s side of the family. I mean, what kid/young man doesn’t want to be liked by his old man? But the lesson here is a foundation for a great life

  5. Troy is kind of pretentious in the scene being a man isn’t just about giving food or clothing to a kid, those are essential sure but I father needs to care about his son’s feelings and give him compassion we’re not robots or animals, we’re people

  6. I wish I saw this vid before I lost my son it would have made me think twice about why im a dad god bless those who are still in there kids life.

  7. He was real with him and straightened him up but only if he wasn’t going around disrespecting his son. His son wouldn’t have left the way he did. He definitely did take care of his family so you can’t really argue against it.

  8. It was a lesson about his son's source of happiness, and not placing that responsibility on anyone but yourself.
    One day he will understand that his father's responsibility, and duty as a man to take care of him; can only be met by a man who loves his child.

  9. All the dad needed to say was “like you? I love you. I ain’t gotta like you because I love you.” Then their relationship woulda been Golden from there on.

  10. This is exactly how my father was. Notice I say father. I wasn’t able to call him dad after I was 5 years old. He passed away but I’m glad he did what he did. I knew he loved me. He was building a man

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